Friday, December 22, 2006

Another step away.

Well, it seems like it never ends. The USDA is slowly doing what it can to dilute the integrity of the Organic movement. This is just another example of the corrosive effect of politics and bureaucracy when it comes to sources of change to the status quo. There were numerous grumblings when the NOP standards began in 2000. Events like this are exactly the kind of thing predicted by longtime supporters of the Organic Food industry. While the NOP standards did create some 'truth in labeling' when it comes to Organics, they also open the door to intrusion and control by business interests who's priority is high yields and profit. These ideas run counter to the spirit of what Organic and sustainable agriculture are all about. The increase in Biodynamic farming and other agricultural approaches such as Rainforest Alliance are in some ways a reaction to the intrusion of government agencies in the Organic industry. But are they enough? What does the future hold for Organic certification? If we don't dig our heels in now, 'organic' may go the way of 'natural'.


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